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Chihiro Yamazaki (tp) started a band with Satoshi Yamashita (dr), Koji Yamamoto (Ba), Hana Takami (Key) in summer 2010. 

Their unique sound witch is called "Singing Instruments" based on Instrumental Pop came from many different back grounds such as jazz, fusion, classical and rock. 

Their first DVD release party at Shibuya JZbrat on February 2012 was successful, and they won the first prize at Sapporo Park Jazz Competition out of more than 250 groups in July. 

They released their first album "Yozorano Trumpet" featuring Raffaele Celeste 'Nini' Rosso song "Il silenzio" on November 2012. 

And new member Miz -Guitar player- joined the band in the beginning of 2013 so that they can spread their musical idea. 

They performed at SXSW 2013 as well as touring 8 cities over the States such as Chicago, Columbus, New York, Toronto CA, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco. During the tour, they have got a lot of interviews by the press who were impressed by their powerful performance and also they quickly sold more than 4000 CDs. From then on, They have been performing at SXSW every year- 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. 

Also they made a big success at Toronto Jazz Festival in June 2013. In Febuary2014, Chihiro released her first solo album from Sony Music and she has done the big domestic tour. That grew the amount of audience up drastically. From then, they’ve performed bigger festival such as Monterey Jazz Festival, Groovin' Summer Festival... All of them had more than thousand audiences. 

Their international project is now getting bigger and bigger. In winter 2015, they had their solo hall concert in Seoul Korea and the tickets were sold out. 

Also performed in the Bay of Island Blues and Jazz Festival 2016 - 2020, 2022 New Zealand successfully. In August 2017, Chihiro will release her second solo album[Sweet thing] from the major label King Record. They released their 4th album 

In August 2018, guitarist RYOTA HOSAKA joined the band. Released their first distributed single "Mahal" in June 2020. 

Released second distribution single "Journey" in October 2020. Performing at the 7th annual SXSW2022 in March 2022 Pianist and bassist HIROAKI IDAKA joined the band in October 2022. 

They have distribution agreements with JinuRockEntertainment in South Korea since 2013 and HiFive Technology Co.,Ltd. in China since 2019.

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